Rachel + Sam | Aventures à Paris, France

Where do I even begin? 

This whole trip started off as a dream, and kind of wishful thinking. I had the privilege of shooting Rachel + Sam's wedding about two years ago, and we've been friends for much longer. This trip for them was really their honeymoon trip, I joked that hey, let's do a session in Paris. We laughed about it, and we realized wait... that would be super rad. So what better way to celebrate two years of marriage and an awesome honeymoon than to capture it in all it's loveliness? 

Why Paris?

Paris holds an extremely special place for these two. Being Vietnamese-Americans, the story of love began in Paris (to be more specific, Rachel's parents). Her parents fell in love shortly before having to go separate ways (her father moving to the States, and her mom to Paris). Their story is a story of long distance, a lot of letters, and a lot of flying...to Paris. 

I was extremely thrilled to be able to capture their response to where her parents fell in love, and symbolically capture their own romance by shooting where it all began. This blog post is a culmination of the three straight days I got to hang out with them and capture the city, their love, and just the naturalness of their unique affection around the city.